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joyPhone Adapter (Landscape) - for iPhone 14 (+Plus/Pro/Max)

joyPhone Adapter (Landscape) - for iPhone 14 (+Plus/Pro/Max)

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Turn your iPhone into a Nintendo!

Now that we can play classic Nintendo games on the iPhone (with the Delta app, as well as other game emulators) I wanted something that would make my iPhone feel more like a Nintendo.

I call it joyPhone! Enhance your iPhone gaming experience by seamlessly connecting your Joy-Cons to your iPhone with the joyPhone Adapter.

Ultra-Portable: I wanted a solution that I could take with me anywhere, so I designed this product to be ultra-portable. You can even keep it in your pocket without hardly noticing!

Light-Weight: 3D printed with durable, light-weight materials.

Tight Grip: Designed to grip your iPhone nice and snug so it won't slide off.

Easy to Use: Just slide it on your phone, and slide the controllers in, ready to go.

Ergonomic: Feels natural and balanced in your hands. Play comfortably for hours and hours.

Appropriate for all ages: After having the time of my life with this, I showed it to my kids and then my phone (and my kids) magically disappeared for the rest of the day. It was the most relaxing few hours I've had in a long time.

Works for: iPhone 14 models (for other phone models, see other product listings)

Disclaimers: iPhone, Nintendo Joy-Cons, and game images shown for example purposes only, and are not included in your purchase. This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo, Apple, or Delta.

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